On Fridays we generate a list of things we learned about during the week.  Then, we write a reflection about our learning from the week.  Here is a list of items that we added to our list for the week ending Friday, September 16.  Instead of asking your children “What did you do in school today?” perhaps you could begin a conversation with one of these specific items.

Ask your child what a few of these items are and what your child knows about them.  Hopefully they will be able to engage in a more specific conversation with a conversation starter from this list – after all they contributed each of these items!

This week I learned….

  • Character Traits (inside and outside traits)
  • What “awareness” means (look around, be careful, know what is happening around me)
  • Number Sense – How to write numbers in word form
  • handwriting – start your letters at the top!
  • Break it Down
  • Continued to use Post-it Parking Lot
  • Thinking Routine:  I See I Think I Wonder
  • Adjectives
  • We unpacked our Central Idea
  • Inquiry Cycle
  • Charles Darwin (Inquirer)
  • Compass Rose (NESW)
  • 5-Finget Test
  • More use of American Coins