This week we learned:

  • Addition with regrouping
  • Subtraction with regrouping
  • 2-step story problems in math
  • Reading Strategy- Good Readers Visualize what they read
  • Venn Diagrams are used to compare two things
  • comparing The Seven Chinese Brothers and the Seven Chinese Sisters using a venn diagram
  • 5 Story elements of The Three Little Pigs
  • the patterns in Fairy Tales and Folktales and what makes them different from each other
  • What our Fire Drill procedures are!
  • How to write a mind map
  • How we each express ourselves
  • how stories, particularly Fairly Tales and Folk Tales and Fables are expressed (through writing, but also the arts as in dance, music and visual arts)
  • We listened to Peter and the Wolf written for orchestra by Sergei Prokofiev and narrated by David Bowie
  • And Ms. McCabe continued Reading Assessments!

It’s been a great week of fun and learning – The kids earned over 400 points on Class Dojo! Our goal was only 300, so we have really made an effort this week…. way to go class 2M!!!

I’m always taking pictures of the children but wanted to share some of this pictures with you.  I think you will see the various expressions of reading, learning, and thinking on these young learners.  It was another great week!