Recently, Tucker and his family were fortunate enough to visit Cambodia for a few days. Tucker wanted to share his experiences with the class, and finally had an opportunity to do so today.

Tucker prepared a presentation filled with pictures from his family trip.  He told us he stayed in a hotel that was situated on a dirt road – something he had not experienced in the past.  He told us his family used a Tuk-Tuk as transportation from and to the hotel every day, which he thought was lots of fun.  He especially enjoyed eating French Toast for breakfast at the hotel!


Tucker told us about the many temples he visited.   Some temples have been there for a very long time – hundreds of years, and are now home to lots of monkeys.  He also experienced Pub Street where his family visited a pizza restaurant. There was a singer there singing songs in English which he loved.  Tucker was particularly impressed when he heard the singer gives all his tips to the poor children in the area who need money.  He even played the class a song he recorded that evening called “Proud Mary”.  The class enjoyed Tucker’s presentation !