It was another very productive week in 2M.  Be sure to ask your child about their learning experiences.  Particularly….

  • Adding and subtracting with regrouping – we are starting to get it!
  • Reading Folktales from different cultures
  • Our Folktale Inquiry – finding the 5 elements and the moral in a folk tale
  • Conducting math surveys with Grade 1 Classes
  • Creating graphs from our Grade 1 Class data
  • which are the X and Y axis on a graph!
  • what are the important labels that belong on a graph (there are 3)
  • What did you learn about Cambodia from Tucker’s presentation?
  • What did you learn about Finland from Vilma’s Presentation?
  • What information can you find in an Atlas or Map?
  • Where can you find a list of countries and there flags?
  • What did you learn from 1M in this week’s assembly?
  • What are the safety procedures in a fire drill and lockdown drill?

Have a great weekend everybody!