Students are responsible for the word but also a sentence dictation this week! This spelling test will be on Friday November 24!

Thank you!

List Name: Spelling > 2nd Grade > Lesson 5
1. sand – n. loose material in grains produced by the natural breaking up of rocks

2. pond – n. a body of water smaller than a lake; often artificially formed

3. lost – v. to fail to win or gain or obtain; to be unable to find or have at hand

4. just – adv. by a very small margin

5. past – n. the events or experience of former times

6. list – n. a series of individual names or items placed one after another in a written form; v. to make an item-by-item record of things usually in written or printed form

7. band – 1. n. a group formed to play music; a group acting together; v. to come together into a group; 2 a thin strip of material that holds several objects

8. hand – n. the part of the body at the end of the arm
9. cast – v. put or send forth; n. 1 the actors in a show; 2 container into which liquid is poured to reate a given shape when it hardens
10. grand – adj. large and impressive in size or grandeur or extent or conception