Please read important information from Ms. Tarsi regarding the PE Swimming classes…. please make sure your child is prepared!

Thank you

Ms. McCabe


Dear Lower School Families,

As part of our Lower School PYP Physical Education Program, we offer swimming sessions for students in grades 1-5 at two different points during the school year. With that in mind, it is almost time for your child to begin their second swimming unit of the year. The swimming unit will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd and finish on Friday June 3rd. The unit will last for 5 weeks, which allows for each class to complete approximately 12 lessons.

We ask that you help support the implementation of this unit by ensuring that on the days your child has Physical Education class between May 2nd through June 3rd, he/she brings the following items to school:

1. A comfortable swimsuit

2. A towel with their name written clearly on the tag in permanent marker

3. A pair of goggles

4. A swim cap

5. Underwear (if your child wears his/her swimsuit to school under his/her uniform)

Note: Please send all above items in a separate “swim bag” (a plastic bag is usually more effective to use as wet swimsuits and towels will be coming home). Please mark all your children’s belongings with their name or initials. This will help prevent any mix-ups and allow children to easily identify their items in the event they are misplaced.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could remind your child each morning on PE days, to bring everything needed for swimming class.

Finally, please know that safety in the pool is of the utmost importance to me, as well as the SCIS leadership team. To ensure your child remains safe, there will always be an adult support teacher in the pool, as well as a certified life guard on duty always.

Here at SCIS, we believe that confidence in the water and the ability to swim are essential for all students, leading to greater water safety, life enjoyment, and a healthy lifestyle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Tarsi Bali

Lower School Physical Education/Aquatics Coordinator

SCIS – Pudong Campus

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